Hello there, I’m Liwen Guo, a student located in Germany. I enjoy tinkering with technology in my spare time, which includes activities as diverse as designing with Photoshop, reading about the latest developments in the tech world and learning to code. I also write about smartphones, having previously been an editor at the xda-developers portal and a staff writer at Mobot. Currently I’m focusing on Windows Phone-related news, writing for the WMPoweruser blog.

This blog provides me some space to show off my work, most notably the various PSDs I’ve designed. I will also write some thoughts and commentary on tech news, utilizing the linkblog-format wherein the post title links to an external page rather than the post itself, and blog long-form about anything else meaningful I happen to create.

Feel free to contact me via Twitter (@Livven) or email (lg at livven.me).

Thanks for visiting.